80’s Music Spotlight – Don Henley

Don Henley’s Greatest Hits – Actual Miles

Let’s do this right. The 80’s music rocked! (Is that a pun even?) For me it connected. For any mood or feeling, I had (and still have) a song that expressed it perfectly. Now there are certain songs that came along earlier or later but for me, the 80’s ring true. This blog is focusing on one artist in particular as the collection presented is well worth the money. So without further delay, lets get to Don Henley!

The album (also in CD and MP3 format) is “Actual Miles” and one of my personal favorites. If you are a true fan of 80’s music, this is for you! Without going into the history of Don Henley (Hmmm maybe a later post?) I’ll take you back to those days in A New York Minute, and let you remember the times before The End Of The Innocence. So take a break, read and comment on the post. You can get to the Dirty Laundry later. Ok, now, to the Heart of the Matter…..The songs!

  • Dirty Laundry
  • The Boys Of Summer
  • All She Wants To Do Is Dance
  • Not Enough Love In The World
  • Sunset Grill
  • The End Of The Innocence
  • The Last Worthless Evening
  • New York Minute
  • I Will Not Go Quietly
  • The Heart Of The Matter
  • The Garden Of Allah
  • You Don’t Know Me At All
  • Everybody Knows
  • Now you know how great I think this is, but what do you think? Comment below and tell me if you think there is ANY better collection than this. I challenge you. 😉

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